Friday, April 9, 2010

Phase 3: Standards

-Recommended: Work triangle between sink, frig., and cooktop/range no more than 9' and no less 4' on any side. No more than 26' for total of the three legs.
-Recommended: 48" minimum work aisle for two cook kitchen.
-Recommended: 36" high countertop, 15" deep knee space for seating.
-Recommended: 42" high countertop, 12" deep knee space for seating.
-Recommended: 18" x 16" on one side and 24" x 16" for sink landing areas
-Recommended: trash cabinet can insert by sink
-Recommended: 24" between cooking surface and noncombustible surface
-Recommended: 30" between cooking surface and combustible surface

-Recommended: The clear opening of a doorway should be at least 32”. This would require a minimum 2’-10” door.
-Recommended access standard: The clear opening of a doorway should be at least 34”. This would require a minimum 3’-0” door.
- Code requirement: A minimum space of at least 21” must be planned in front of lavatory, toilet, bidet and tub.
-Code requirement: A minimum space of at least 24” must be planned in front of a shower entry.
-Code requirement: Clearance in front of bathtubs should extend the length of the bathtub and be at least 30” wide.
-Code requirement: The minimum distance from the centerline of the lavatory to a wall is 15”.
-Code requirement: The minimum distance between a wall and the edge of a freestanding or wall-hung lavatory is 4”.
-Code reference: The front of the lavatory sink should be no more than 34” above the floor, measured to the higher of the fixture or counter surface.
-Code requirement: The minimum interior shower size is 30” x 30” or 900 square inches, in which a disc of 30” in diameter must fit. Recommended minimum 36 X 36.
-Recommended (shower controls): The shower controls should be accessible from both inside and outside the shower spray and be located between 38” – 48” above the floor depending on user’s height.
-Recommended: The tub controls should be accessible from both inside and outside the tub and be located between the rim of the bathtub and 33” above the floor.
-Access standard (code): Toilet: Grab bars should be provided on the rear wall and on the sidewall closest to the toilet. The sidewall grab bar should be at least 42” long and located between 12” and 54” from the rear wall. The rear grab bar should be at least 24” long, centered on the toilet. Where space permits, the bar should be at least 36” long, with the additional length provided on the transfer side of the toilet.
-Access standard (code): The toilet should be centered 16” to 18” from a side wall. The toilet seat should be between 15” and 19” from the floor.
-Code requirement: A minimum distance of 15” is required from the centerline of toilet and/or bidet to any bath fixture, wall or other obstacle.
-Code requirement: At least one wall-switch controlled light must be provided. Switch must be placed at the entrance of the bathroom. All light fixtures installed within tub and shower spaces should be marked “suitable for damp/wet locations”. anging fixtures cannot be located within a zone of 3’ horizontally and 8’ vertically from the top of the bathtub rim or shower stall threshold.
-Access standard (recommended): ask lighting at the vanity should be beside the mirror and at eye level and with the lamp not visible to the eye. Lighting controls should be between 15” and 48” above the floor and operable with a closed fist and with minimal effort.
-Code requirement: Minimum ventilation for the bathroom is to be a window of at least 3 sq. ft. of which 50% is operable, or a mechanical ventilation system of at least 50 cubic feet per minute (cfm) ducted to the outside.
-Access standard (recommended): Ventilation controls should be placed 15” – 48” above the floor, operable with minimal effort, easy to read, and with minimal noise pollution.
-Code requirement: All bathrooms should have an appropriate heat source to maintain a minimum room temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Living Rooms
-minimum with no dining facility is 180 sq ft, 200 sq ft is recommended
-minimum width of a living room should be 11-12 ft, recommended 14 ft

Furniture Dimensions
-Chest of drawers (4 drawer): 2'10"-3'4"W X 3'8"-4'8"H X 1'6"-1'9"D
-Buffet: 5'0"-6'6"W X 3'2"-3'3"H X 1'10"-2'1"D
-Sofas: large 6'0"-7'2"W X 2'8"-3'6"D
1'5"-1'6" seat height
1'9"-2'0" seat deck depth
2'8"-2'9" seat back height
medium 5'0"-6'0"W X 2'6"-3'6"D
1'4"-1'6" seat height
1'9"-2'0" seat deck depth

small 4'0"-5'0"W X 2'4"-2'6"D
1'4"-1'5" seat height
1'7"-2'0" seat deck depth
-Desks: 2'8"-3'6"W X 1'6"-2'6"D X 2'6"H
2'0"-2'1"H Knee Space
-Office Chair: 1'2"-1'4" adjustable seat height
3'0" total height
1'3"-1'4" W X 1'1"-1'2" D seat deck
-Dining Chairs: 1'6" seat height
1'6"-1'9" seat deck width
2'10"-3'3" total height
-Upholstered Arm Chair: 1'4"-1'8" height seat deck
3'0"-4'0" total height
2'2"-2'6"W X 2'0"-2'4"D
-Dining Table for 8: 3'4"W X 6'0"L X 2'7"H
4'0"W X 4'0"L X 2'7"H

Dining Room
-12 persons 4ft X 8ft
-for seating clearance only from table edge to obstacle 3'6", for someone to pass behind 4'6" min for table edge

Clothes Closet
-minimum front to back depth is 24"
-minimum door opening is 24"
-rod length is equal to the width of the door opening plus 6" on each side.
-single bedroom occupancy 24" X 36"
-double bedroom occupancy 24" X 60"

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