Friday, April 9, 2010

Phase 3: Expectations for Unit #6 Floor #12

CLIENTS: Orlando, Susan and Freddie Sanchez
-immigrant family new to Greensboro, NC
-son Freddie is 8 yrs old

-Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez cook every night together while their son does homework within sight.
-They host Sunday dinners for their relatives.
-Son often has friends and cousins sleep overs.
-Sanchez's enjoy growing their own herbs in their apartment for cooking.


Design Style: Transitional with Spanish flare

References to phase 2 wind sculpting concept:
-reflect in patterns of materials on upholstery, wall, and flooring.
-ventilate will with hopper windows to circulate air flow.
-even though color choices my be bold/bright/rich, keep them primarily cool
-Kitchen by window area for window sill herb garden.
-Son's desk in kitchen area.
-Fold away dining table.
Son's bedroom:
-Multi-user bed for sleep overs

Color Schemes:
-Cultural design influence of bold/bright/rich color with heavy dark wood and heavy carving.
-Reliefs on materials such as ceilings or walls, idea taken from Spanish cathedrals.

-arched doorways or passthroughs
-iron accents

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